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Mallow Drops

Mallow Drops is an intelligent, charming and hugely enjoyable combination of platforming, sliding block puzzle, and spacial manipulation games like Fez. It’s the kind of game that could only come out of the indie scene and, for my money, is an absolute winner.
- Daniel Wilks , PC PowerPlay

A meditative puzzle game which will require you to look at puzzles at every angle, as you slide around various maps avoiding deadly traps and saving your eggs. It’s out on PC, but really its a perfect fit for mobile, and one of the smartest, fun and relaxing experiences, you’ll have on your mobile dvice this year.
- Our Favourite Aussie Games Of 2016, Press Start

Looks cute and whimsical but will swiftly have you scratching your head and turning things over both in your mind and in your game.
- Player2's Best Indies of 2016, Player2

What stands out about Mallow Drops is the depth contained in this accessible gameplay loop. It’s equally fun whether you’re blasting through levels with your sights on a high score or wading through them at a slower more zen-inducing pace.
Mallow Drops is pretty much the antithesis of 2016. For most, it’s a joyful return to the world of 2D puzzle platforming. For some, it’s a brief escape into a blocky world where even the most dastardly of problems can be solved by turning it on its head. All told, it’s a formula for fun that rarely goes awry.
- Fergus Halliday, Chattr

Mallow Drops feels both innovative and like an old friend, and its straightforward puzzles are hard to put down. Even after you’ve successfully completed a level, you want to revisit it to try and complete it faster or better. If you like puzzle games, it’s definitely worth checking this one out.
4.8 our of 5
- Alayna Cole, Impulse Gamer

Mallow Drops is pretty great, and appeals to casual gamers as well as fans of more classic games. It's addictive too, so look out for that. Generally, I highly recommend this game. It's simple, flippy fun, and it definitely holds your attention. I found it to be highly enjoyable, and if you don't mind the world turning on all of it's sides to make challenges, I'm sure you will too.
9.1 out of 10
- Evan Symon, Geek Nifty

The gameplay is super easy to get the hang of which means that a player can jump right into the game without needing to sit through a lengthy tutorial, but the puzzles provide a level of challenge that is sure to please all fans of physics puzzle games. I found myself at numerous points in time back-tracing paths along my monitor with my fingers trying to determine how to get that elusive third egg.
- HyperTigerXT, HyperReview

When I first walked by and saw it being played on a PC with a controller, I thought to myself, "Huh, that'd be really cool as a mobile game where gravity is controlled by rotating your device." SURE ENOUGH, that's exactly how the upcoming mobile port of the game is played.
- Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

Mallow Drops is a neat little package of puzzle goodness. It might appear a little too unassuming for its own good, but behind the whimsical exterior hides a lovely little brain teaser that will keep you occupied for a long time.
- Thomas Faust,

The game is more than suitable for kids; it is also highly appealing. My 10yo loves the game and his 7yo brother is not far off beating the family record on a few puzzles.
- Evil Genius Mum, GeekDad

"It's an easy-to-understand game that's hard to put down once you get started."
- Brian Crecente, Polygon

My preview was very short, but the short time I had, I only wanted to play it more.
- Brett Hale, MKAU Gaming Australia

One of the most striking things about Mallow Drops was how intuitive it was. After only a few minutes with the game it’s easy to learn how it all works, and you find yourself moving through the levels with ease. That is, until the difficulty is raised ever so slightly, keeping you guessing and thinking.
- Ben Pfarrer, Aussie Geek

"...a deceptively cutesy puzzle game that’s a lot more complicated than it seems..."
- Nick Hudson, Savegame

"I had a lot of fun with adorable Aussie-made puzzler Mallow Drops."
- Michelle Starr, CNET

Killing Time at Lightspeed: Enhanced Edition

The result is an compelling mosaic--sometimes the social commentary is a little too on the nose, or the worldbuilding is inconsistent, other times the stories are downright eerie or amusing. The heart of the game, however, lies in the Twitter-like chat stream you navigate, liking and responding to tweets from a menu of pre-written choices. How you interact with your friends in those crucial moments can shape their futures. It’s Gibson with genderqueer robots.
- Standout titles from Melbourne International Games Week, Katherine Cross, Gamasutra

The use of crowd-sourced character writing added an interesting and realistic flavour to the narrative, and resulted in characters that naturally invited you to love and hate them, much like people on real-world social media. It’s exploration of transhumanism, and the allegory to present-day issues of acceptance and representation are poignant and respectfully crafted.
- Jason Imms' Top 10 Games of 2016, Jason Imms, GiantBomb

A visual novelesque game which, although is dark, is also a very interesting commentary on current social media, and an experience you just have to try for yourself, since we aren’t heading to Mars just yet.
- Our Favourite Aussie Games Of 2016, Press Start

This creative premise is beautifully executed; despite occasionally uneven writing, the world intrigues, and you end up caring about the people behind the game’s yellow pixelated avatars more than you might expect.
- Gamasutra's Best of 2016, Katherine Cross, Gamasutra

Killing Time at Lightspeed is an enjoyable ‘what if’ excursion that’s both entertaining and engaging with its discussions on humanity and our unusual ways of life. We may not be too far away from this happening in the real world, and that’s a scary thought.
- The Best of 2016 Nominee, Mark Isaacson, Play Nice Now

"It simultaneously tackles the extremely personal and the tremendously impersonal nature of online communication: you can see the full range of emotions your friends experience, but you can’t attend their weddings, meet their children, offer them anything but words on a screen."
- James O'Connor, ZAM

Killing Time at Lightspeed does not posit any easy answers as to what the role of social media in our lives means, or whether relationships made possible with 1s and 0s are any less valid than those made face-to-face. The game does not propose to reject social media on principle, but nor does it treat it simply as a necessary evil. Like our own relationship to technology and constant connectivity, Killing Time at Lightspeed’s approach to social media is complicated and messy.
- Nate Kiernan, Kritiqal

"It’s clever for all sorts of reasons, but the most smart aspect is its recognition of your passivity in the role of a visual novel player, and making that the most crucial part of the story is telling."
- John Walker, RockPaperShotgun

Indie Megacast

If Killing Time at Lightspeed leaves you wanting more – and it does – that’s the intent. As a piece of experimental interactive fiction, it excels at creating a sense of both distance and intimacy, and since it’s the replication of a social network, it does so without a sense of voyeurism.
4 out of 5
- Infinitywaltz,

Extra Credits, Games You Might Not Have Tried #11

Mana Mojo

How the game weaves its narrative against the role of technology, namely social media, in modern society is really rather remarkable... Killing Time at Lightspeed is a hard game to explain and as such is probably best experienced first hand.
- Joe Donelly, Rock Paper Shotgun

"...a fascinating commentary on the pervasiveness of social media and technology in our everyday lives, smartly told through a simulated social media interface that pulls you into a unique text adventure experience."
- Matt Litten, VGBlogger

I told a lot of folks about the game and they all were like "woah"
- Zoe Quinn, The Tingler

Video Playthrough by "nichtsmeister"

Famitsu review (Japanese)
- Mill Yoshimura, Famitsu

4gamer review (Japanese)
- Ginger, 4gamer

Killing Time at Lightspeed (Game Jam Version)

"I felt a sense of growing despair each time I hit the “refresh” button... Killing Time at Lightspeed is, more than anything else, a timely game about technology and the role of social media not just in the future that developer Gritfish has created but in our present reality as well. "
- Javy Gwaltney, Paste Magazine

"Discomfort with social change transforms into empathy and a new, more inclusive definition of normal...It's a fascinating look at how culture can evolve around contentious issues"
- Laura Hudson, Boing Boing

"...Killing Time At Lightspeed is the first game I’ve seen where the agency you have only affects what you know about the world, not what happens to it."
- Michael McConnell, Macgasm

"When a character posts "hey, check out this video" I want to be able to watch it. I want to read the articles in the news feed, no matter how inane, not just the headlines... I understand why there isn't more content, but damn I really wish there was!"
- The Slow Gamer, gameskinny

"One aspect of life that I don't think much sci-fi could have imagined is the prevalence and sheer strangeness of social media. Killing Time at Lightspeed... takes a stab at fixing that problem."
- Jake Muncy, Wired

"I've yet to play a game that deals with the power of social media in as profound a way as the text adventure Killing Time at Lightspeed."
- Javy Gwaltney, Kill Screen

"KTAL interests me as a game because of the way it has not only created an enjoyable game, but it seems to be an intelligently crafted piece of literature as well. It is aware of its context, and knows the medium it has mimicked with an ironic intimacy."
- Cal K. Rool, Kotaku

"The themes in the game operate as a metaphor for the tumultuous period in which it was created, which is great, I love it. This game will live on as window into the struggles of this time, which is all too rare in subject matter tackled by games."
- Adam Carr, Linebreak Collective

"These stories mirror so many of all those things we are already dealing with, just magnified or under a slightly different guise. And like good science fiction should, they make you think."
- Thomas Faust,

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Sympathy for the day job: Why one indie dev will never go full time
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Staying happy, creative, and productive in the tumultuous world of game dev
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